Project: Apartment renovation | Design: alley architects | Construction-site supervision: alley architects | Design date: 2016 | Completion date: 2016 | Location: N. Erythraia

The renovation concerns a 70 m2 ground floor apartment, part of a three storey house. The apartment can either function independently of the upper floors or be unified with them through an interior staircase. Their separation is achieved through a metal bookcase synthesis, which incorporates an elongated linear transom and a glass door, both translucent, so to avoid the complete and strict.
The architectural intervention was radical since all functional areas of the house have been rearranged for the purpose of the optimal exploitation and enhancement of space, within the available surface area. This new layout targeted at the creation of two distinct functional zones, one of the common areas and a more private one, including the bedroom and the bathroom. This partition between them takes form through a main wall with a concealed door, which also constitutes basic design concept, as it supports, on both sides, a large part of the essential equipment, such as the heating and ventilation system, storage cupboards, a sink, a fireplace and televisions.
The main entrance of the house is found in the unified area of the living and dining room, which communicates with the kitchen via an open survery, so that the last one is “open” and not apart from to other common areas. Besides the survery, on which a terrazzo surface is placed, this is achieved both with the change of the floor, from wood to cement, and by creating a linear metal luminaire, which runs all along the ceiling of the kitchen and thus functions as a frame.
In the wet areas, polished concrete has been applied on the floor and the walls. The faces of the cupboards and the drawers are variously veneered, the countertops are made either of terrazzo or quartz, while the other details and accessories are all metal.
In addition, special attention has been paid to the way the shading and the visual isolation from the outside is achieved. For the opening of the kitchen, folding metal frames with wooden slats are designed, while sliding metal frames with fabric fillings have been used for the rest of the windows in the house.<
Overall, particularly characteristic is the use of earth tones and natural materials, such as the wooden floor and the filler coating of the wall, the shelves and the fireplace with natural aggregates of different granulometry.