Project: Attic kid’s bedroom | Design: alley architects | Location: Kryoneri | Design date: 2016

The project pertains to the configuration of an attic of a house in Kryoneri into a kid’s bedroom, which also covers the necessity of storing. The attic has been divided in three functional zones: the office, the bed-living room and the storage zone. Main design intent was to separate the rest area from the studying area, using a perforated bookcase made of sheet metal, which is partially constituted by wooden cabinets that can serve both sides. Part of the bookcase also constitutes an illuminated movable surface, which can be used as an additional desktop. Moreover, the specific location of the studying area was selected on the basis of both its brightness, due to the existing window, and the fact that is substantially the extension of the entrance in the attic.
From the outset, key concern was the optimal space utilization due to operational requirements that should be gathered in it. Therefore, sliding wardrobes are placed in along the walls with low useful height. Furthermore, for the maximum space saving, a sliding bed was designed in order to be partially placed under a wooden synthesis of cabinets and function as a sofa. Items, designed by the same token, are also the foldable entrance door and the table, which can either be used in the living room version, or stored in one of the empty shelves of the perforated bookcase, so as to free the bedroom area. Also, additional shelves, made of sheet metal and wood, are placed in two spots of the wider area of the attic.
Finally, the partition wall of the attic by a secondary storage area, on which a sliding sheet serves as a door, wooden square blocks with different colorings are placed in a free layout. Thus, a variable composition is created depending on the needs, that could also be a motive for play for the children.