Project: Clothing store | Design: alley architects | Construction-site supervision: alley architects | Photos: Nikos Maliakos | Location: Athens | Design date: 2017| Completion date: 2017

The project is about a small ground floor fashion shop in downtown Athens. The main goals of the design were the maximum exploitation of the limited space while at the same time the optimal storage and display of the merchandise.
Dominant trend has been the metal frame with the clean lines that runs across the space and creates an apparent border between the main and the display area. Hangers made by steel sheet with lighting sources and shelves made by wood and glass are placed on this construction.
The counter zone is located in the center of the shop and is in direct contact with the entrance. For its separation, a dark colored polished mortar has been applied, so as to be perceived as a dark recess with a different function. The elongated mirror between the cabinets adds depth in the space, giving the sense of an opening. Furthermore, an element that also contributes to the separation of the two sub-areas, while in the same time consists a dominant sculptural element, is the concrete coating of the counter desk with inert materials in various shades.
In order to avoid the repetition of the exact same material, concrete has been used in a variety of gravel density. The use of glass at the base of the shop window creates the illusion that the store is at the street level. Finally, diverging from the typical staircase, each step of the entrance stairs is formed in different size and by different material.