Project: Kindergarten dining room renovation | Design: alley architects | Location: Filothei | Design date: 2017

The proposed renovation concerns an independent ground-floor metal structure that houses the dining area of a kindergarten.
The placement of the food preparation room in the most enclosed and dark area of the shell serves the development of the dining room in a clean, straight layout, with three free sides and the possibility of access to two courtyards. Although the kitchen is separated from the dining room, in order to avoid their complete demarcation, both a small saloon door and a metal frame with an opening have been chosen, as well as a stable glass to make the meal preparation process visible.
From the outset, basic design intent was to detach the metal structure from the stone building, where there is a window. In this area, an elevated outdoor planted zone has been created which functions as a visual filter between the building and the dining room, while it reduces the odors from the kitchen.
Additionally, in the entrance area a construction of vertical wooden slats has been composed that serves as a light partition from the rest of the hall. Moreover, this construction functions on one side as a hanger for children's clothing and on the other side as a sitting bench for the table behind it.
The dominant feature in the room is a white zone developed in the center of the hall that defines the limit between the corridor and the dining area. This strip is characterized by high plasticity as some parts of it sink in the floor and other rise creating this way chairs, benches and even table legs. The main lighting of the hall is also formed in a parallel line that traverses the room on the roof and covers all the lighting requirements.
Throughout the synthetic process, the need for adjustment, especially of the furniture, to the scale of the children, as well as the choice of the materials that are friendly to them, while adhering to the health standards, were of particular interest. The choice of the colors of both the window aprons and the chairs was made to give a pleasant and lively feel in the room. Finally, a distinguishable part of the room also consists the niche with the long wooden bench, with a colorful geometric background.