Project: Architectural office | Design: alley architects | Construction-Site supervision: alley architects | Photos: Vangelis Voyatzis | Location: Athens | Design date: 2015 | Completion date: 2016

The current project concerns a ground floor, double height studio with a loft, that functions as an architectural office. From the very beginning, basic intention was to highlight the height of the studio in order to compensate for its limited area. Therefore, three free square metal lights are hanged from the ceiling in different directions.
One more element designed to feature out the height of the studio is the metal synthesis on the wall traversed by vertical hollow sections, while one of them extends along the whole height. Its horizontal shelves are made of steel sections and support various pieces of different materials and sizes, thus a kind of game and rotation is provided, depending on the needs and moods.
Additionally, the “imprint” of the loft led to the current ground layout, two separated zones, each one with different height. In the zone beneath the loft, an elongated central desk with three workstations is placed, while its limit defines the working area. The front zone with the two-storey height remained free in order to function as a reception area. The linear metal light above the central desk emphasizes the separation of these two sub-regions and operates in parallel as a boundary, framing the desk itself. The three principal workstations have been situated on the ground floor and are all served by a single desk, strengthening in such manner both the cooperation and the contact with the outside.
On this level, there is also a synthesis of boxes that serves as an auxiliary furniture. Basic design intent was both to minimize the volume and the blind surfaces and to detach the synthesis from the floor, so as it gives a sense of lightness. The loft has a more private character, as it can be exploited for presentations, discussions and even as an extra workstation, but it is never completely severed from the remaining space.
It is worth noting that the design lines found throughout the space and the furniture are clean-cut and linear, while the use of colors is limited, so as to let strong contrasts emerge. Main intention of the designing strictness and purity was the optimized prominence of the space and its greater comprehension as well. The used materials are natural and minimum processed in order to be intimate and offer naturality-warmth in the office. Finally, the dark tone of the polished concrete applied to the floor of both levels, overemphasizes, through the intense contrast, their detachment from the white tall walls around them.