Project: Studio pilates & yoga renovation | Design: alley architects | Construction-site supervision: alley architects | Location: Glyfada | Design date: 2015 | Completion date: 2016

The project concerns a 70 m2 studio yoga & pilates in Glyfada. The interventions are confined to the configuration of the reception area and the locker-living room. Τhe design was based on simple geometric lines in order to create an environment of relaxation and balance, avoiding excess and tension. Overall, natural materials, earth tones and warm lighting are chosen to permit the attachment between the visitor and the place.
As far as the configuration of the reception is concerned, main purpose from the outset was the creation of a perforated partition, acoustically and visually permeable, between the workout hall and the reception area. Thus, the simultaneous operation of both areas is achieved, while there is a sense of separation between them. The construction of horizontal and vertical wooden slats leads the visitor from the entrance to the reception, defining a path with a lightweight boundary and avoiding the strict separation of them. The horizontal slats on the ceiling convert the construction into a kind of shell and contribute, not only to accentuate this zone, as the total height is changed, but in the placement of the lighting sources as well. In addition, the reception furniture, consisted of pure geometric shapes, also fits into the overall design.
In the second area of the intervention, two different functions coexist, the locker room and the living room, while the first one acquires a more private character with the use of fabric partitions in wooden frames. The partitions are arranged in such way that visual contact is not allowed from the living room, without the requirement of a door. This separated zone is divided into three subareas, the lockers, the screen and the boudoir, which also offer the option of complete unification, when the screen is not used.