Project: Retail interventions | Design: alley architects | Construction-site supervision: alley architects | Photos: alley architects | Location: Kifissia | Design date: 2016 | Completion date: 2016

The intervention relates to the addition of three independent constructions in different spots of a retail store for the purpose of displaying and promoting products. Their design concept, which follows strict geometrical lines and forms, adjusts to the general style of the store as far as the materials, the colors and the overall design are concerned. All three constructions are based on common design principles, without their exact repetition, as they adapt to each place.
It is worth mentioning that all the constructions consist of two single materials, metal and plexiglass. In every case, a main twisted hollow section bears the largest part of it, while the brackets of the shelves on the walls work supportively. In addition, the function of the shelves as lighting sources was not only aiming to the prominence of the construction itself, but to the optimum display of the shoes as well. Despite their particular design, they create neutral background for the display of the products without overshadowing them.